About Mia’s Upholstery

We are an independent, boutique upholstery service based in Dublin. We believe in providing clients with the highest standard of upholstery services which is available to both private and commercial clients. Our boutique service offers personalised designs for the unique needs of the client. All styles, shapes and forms of furniture can be reupholstered to flatter your individual taste in art and design. Classic or modern, together we can create the look that best suits your individual surroundings. Our re-upholstery service includes a home visit where we have a look and a chat about the furniture to be re/upholstered. Mia's Upholstery offers personal advice to help you make the right fabric and colour choice.

About Mia

“My aim and passion are to create beautiful, comfortable and personal furniture.
I graduated in upholstery from St. Gorans College of Art and Design in Stockholm, Sweden. Where I was trained in the traditional time honoured upholstery methods where I would use materials, such as webbing, spring, hessian, coir, hand-stitching, hair, cotton-flock and calico. I have a Diploma in Youth Art Facilitation from the Maynooth University of Ireland and also a certificate in Theatre Production. Where I concentrated on set designing/dressing and prop making. What I love about my job is that I get a chance to bring an old ragged piece of furniture back to life. It amazes me every time what new fabric and foam can do to a chair or sofa. The combination of hands-on heavy work and the attention to detail is something that I really enjoy. I get equally inspired by the traditional and historical value, such as the contemporary and new thinking in furniture design. My interest in art and design informs my work. I see the furniture as a piece of art.
I take pride in producing unique, high-quality pieces of upholstered furniture.”

- Mia Van Evelingen