Mia's Upholstery

Mia's Upholstery provides clients all over Dublin with the best in contemporary reupholstering services. For close to a decade, we have been providing our unique brand of contemporary and feminine upholstery services to both domestic and commercial clients all over Dublin. We don’t just reupholster old furniture, we transform neglected pieces into unique works of art that can be seamlessly integrated into the interior design of a client’s property. We don’t follow trends, instead, we imbue a contemporary sensibility into classic pieces, transforming traditional furniture into enviable 21st-century pieces that radiate style, elegance and sophistication.

About Mia's Upholstery

Mia's Upholstery is an artisan upholstery service operating from the very heart of Dublin. For close to a decade, we have been rejuvenating neglected furniture. Our upholstery expert mixes contemporary sensibilities with traditional upholstery skills to create truly special one-of-a-kind pieces.


Our re-upholstering service imbues older furniture with the vibrant, youthful energy that has made our pieces popular with architects and interior designers. Our contemporary designs, combine an appreciation for classical patterns and shapes with tastefully selected colour palettes and designs.

Domestic Upholstery

From collaborating with some of Dublin’s most prestigious interior designers and architects to working directly with homeowners, we have built a reputation for producing unique pieces that compliment a diverse range of interior designs.


Interested in seeing some of our completed commissions? Why not browse through our gallery which shows off our ever-expanding collection of restored and transformed furniture. No matter how neglected, unloved or outdated the furniture, we can restore it to its former glory or transform it into something new and modern.